Eumerus funeralis
West Worthing, West Sussex
Eumerus funeralis (female), Worthing, West Sussex, August 2022
[ Wingspan: 4 - 6 millimetres ]

The Lesser Bulb Fly is a small, dark hoverfly with a wingspan of between 4 and 6 millimetres. The Eumerus hoverflies are bulb and rhizome dwellers, often considered to be a pest of bulbs, especially daffodils. It is likely that this particular species was introduced into Britain in Victorian times, as it was rare in the early 20th century. It visits a wide range of low-growing flowers.

There are five Eumerus hoverflies and it is highly probable that the individual photographed here is Eumerus funeralis, the Lesser Bulb Fly. The other four are found in different parts of Britain, at different times of the year or are more likely to be found in open countryside. This individual has been recorded mostly in urban gardens, so there is a high probability that, of the four different Eumerus hoverflies, this is E. funeralis.

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