Platycheirus scutatus
West Worthing, West Sussex
Platycheirus scutatus (female), Worthing, West Sussex, May 2023
[ Wingspan: 4.5 - 7 millimetres ]

This hoverfly is one of the sub-family Platycheirus, Platycheirus scutatus. It is found throughout the Northern Hemisphere. Its larvae feed on aphids. It has a long flight period in the UK, preferring grassland, scrub, woodland and gardens.

This is a small hoverfly. From wing tip to wing tip, it measures between 4.5 and 7 millimetres. Its body length is no more than 5 millimetres.

The photographs shown here demonstrate this insect’s self-cleaning behaviour. Note how it has rotated its head round nearly 180 degrees to clean its compound eyes with both its forelegs. This is a female.

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