Competition - caption for cat photos

This game is really popular with our students. The rules are easy and the equipment is simple. One starts with:

  • A flat surface.
  • A box (une clayette) that's just a bit too small for the purpose.
  • A camera.
  • Two adorable young cats, in this case Biff and Bella. Biff is the black-and-white male, Bella is the white-and-tabby female. They were born on 27th March.
  • A tendancy towards using anthropomorphism

At the appropriate moment, a photograph is taken, then a caption is supplied. Here are some recent ones:

The first photo of us sleeping in our new box. 10th July 2012 13h17] </a><br />
<div class= No, this box isn't too small. 5th August 2012 13h52
Oh, go on - if you insist! 5th August 2012 14h57
You're a good pillow. I'm an even better one. 24th October 2012 10h56
Just me, at last! 17th August 2012 19h30
Just me, again! 25th August 2012 16h34
An entente cordiale? 21st September 2012 11h13]<br />
<div class= Sleep and friendship again. 23rd September 2012 9h14
Two comfortable sardines. 23rd September 2012 9h38
Just one head. 23rd September 2012 - just a few minutes after the previous one!
I don't mind if you don't mind! 9th October 2012 17h42
Bella thinks that something might be wrong. 11th October 2012 16h03
No, it's your turn to make the tea, Biff! 11th October 2012 16h03
Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! 4th November 2012 11h45
That was a fine lunch. 5th November 2012 15h26
Maybe Jane and Rob will give us a bigger box for Christmas. 11th November 2012 13h08

To add your own captions, come and stay with us all!