Occasionally I land on a website that really grabs me. It may be on a subject that doesn’t interest me or it may be on one where I have a special interest. The common factor is usually that the presentation is compelling.

Here’s one such example. It’s on SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), a subject that’s plumb centre of the work I do, but which can be dry and difficult because of it technical nature. What the people at Search Engine Land have done is to depict the different factors that make up current SEO practice in the form of The Periodic Table. You can check it out here.

Their condensed table looks like this:

The Periodic Table of SEO from Search Engine Land

This is accompanied by a much larger version, viewable here as a pop-up, which explains each of the table’s elements. To view the image popped-up, just click it.

1/1 The Periodic Table of SEO from Search Engine Land

These infographics are jammed-packed with information and you need to consider the colour-coding and the scores associated with each element. Key here is the separation between on-page and off-page SEO. On-page Content elements are ones where the client and designer need to collaborate closely. The on-page HTML and Architecture elements are ones that are down to the designer.

Just note that this was poduced in 2013 but it’s still relevant in 2015. See how mobile/smartphone capabilities are properly represented by element Am, although Google will be marking this much more strictly after April 21st 2015 so the authors of this infographic will most probably be upping Am’s weighting to +3.