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Attitude, experience and sounding-off are filed-away here in various combinations. Topics range from the technical (web design), to the commercial (being a freelancer), to the nifty (great software to use) as well as the annoying and delighting. The opinions expressed here are unashamedly mine.

Indispensable backup software

Are there any software packages that I’d recommend to the general computer user (for Windows PCs)? Yes!

Meet the Soays

Our corner of the Gers is wonderfully hilly and we’re lucky to have a steeply-sloped 2 hectare (5 acre) field behind the house which is just too steep for a tractor. It’s ideal for sheep and inside the 800 metres of fencing that we’ve surrounded the field with we keep Soay (pronounced ‘sow’ – ‘ay’) sheep.

Meet the Soays

You can read all about Soays at the Soay Sheep Society’s website, and we can vouch for what they say being pretty much the case.